Web Design

Each project is handled by three different types of professionals to allow us to focus on

three key areas: Functionality, Usability & Image.


Every business website should be created to meet one or more business objectives. Whether it’s an ecommerce site to generate online sales, a showcase website to produce leads or a support site to answer customer queries, we make sure that your website is designed to fulfill its main business function.


Usability is critical to any business website. From a website owner’s standpoint, it allows efficient website management to keep operating costs to a minimum. On the other hand, it also allows visitors to easily perform the required tasks or quickly find the information they need.


An aesthetically appealing website that fits in with your branding image can bring significant benefits to your business. These benefits can range from instilling credibility and trust for your company, to influencing your potential customers to choose your product or service.

Our Web Design Process…

In order to produce websites that meet all three of these requirements, we have put together a team of marketing consultants, web developers and graphic designers.

Here is how it works:

Main Objective:

Ensure website is designed to accomplish business and marketing goals


  • Optimise website for conversions
  • Perform keyword research
  • Establish marketing functions
    of website

Marketing Consultant & Web Designer:
Implement marketing functions on website

Main Objective:

Produce website to high standard that meets client’s requirements


  • Develop user friendly
    admin interface
  • Create
    a visitor
  • Ensure website is
    robust and W3C

Web Designer & Graphic Designer:
Ensures graphic and media elements are appropriate and compatible

Main Objective:

Design website image that projects the client’s business brand


  • Source and refine website images
  • Select font, colour and icons
  • Produce animation &
    media content

Marketing Consultantr & Graphic Designer:
Collaborates to create website theme and image

Some examples of our work…

How Can QuantaSense Help?

Our web design service will produce an optimal website for you to build a profitable online business.

Web Design Features:
Bespoke Website Layout
Customised Website Theme
Professional Images & Animation
Web Content Optimised with Marketing Audit
Free On-site Search Engine Optimisation


Free Google Analytics Installation *
Technical Features:
W3C Compliant Coding
Javascript / jQuery
Flash – AS3
*Limited time only

We only accept 100% client satisfaction and you will receive first class customer support from our QuantaSense team.

Here is what you will get from our service:

  • Excellent Customer Support – We can be easily reached by Email, Phone, MSN or Skype
  • Lifetime Technical Guarantee – For your peace of mind, all our websites are guaranteed to operate without errors

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