Website Analytics


Web Analytics is the process of collecting, analysing and reporting on details about your website visitors. The information collected will allow you to perform analysis and subsequently make sound judgement on refining your online marketing campaign.


How can Web Analytics help your business?

Web Analytics will equip you with the necessary data to help refine your online marketing strategy to grow your business.


Web Analytics will provide data that will allow you to:

  • Determine the online marketing channels that drive converting traffic
  • Revise your SEO keyword strategy to maximise SEO ROI
  • Measure the effectiveness of your landing pages
  • Gather details and the behaviour of your website visitors
  • Identify the types of content that will engage with your visitors
  • Measure the profitability of your marketing campaigns
  • Gather business data to adjust marketing strategy and budget



  • E-Commerce website

    Description: Key Business Objective: KPI/Metrics:

    A 24 hour online shop to sell products and services

    Generate Online Sales

    Revenue, Conversion Rate, Average Order per Customer

  • Lead Generation website

    Description: Key Business Objective: KPI/Metrics:

    A platform to acquire prospect details

    Generate leads

    Cost per lead, Conversion Rate

  • Customer Support website

    Description: Key Business Objective: KPI/Metrics:

    A site to handle customer queries

    Resolve Customer problems

    No. of Inquiries, Inquiry Success Rate

  • Content Based website

    Description: Key Business Objective: KPI/Metrics:

    A delivery hub for industry, company, product/service information

    - Educate potential customers on products and services

    - Create brand awareness

    Unique Visitors, Average Page Views


How can QuantaSense Help?

Our analytics service goes more than just sending you reports about unique visitors and conversion rates.

We carefully analyse segmented data to provide you with actionable insights into your online marketing and overall business strategy.


QuantaSense’s Web Analytics Service consists of the following:

  • Recommend a suitable Web Analytics service for your website
  • Install a free or paid Web Analytics service
  • Set out key performance indicators (KPI) to reflect business goals.
  • Identify metrics to be monitored for analysis
  • Customise goals to analyse visitor behaviour using techniques such as path analysis and funnel modelling
  • Analyse and report with information that will allow you to refine your SEO, PPC, Social Media and other traffic generation campaigns.
  • Provide actionable insights derived from data that will help you fine tune your overall business strategy.


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